While on a family vacation to northern Minnesota, we ordered a wild rice burger for lunch. Several family members are vegetarian, so we always look for foods that can be made without meat that still taste good. We went home and practiced with ingredients that we thought would make a tasty vegetarian wild rice burger. With the help of Kelly’s mom Beverly, family members and comments from friends, we created our unique wild rice burger recipe. The wild rice burgers have become a favorite food of family and friends. Throughout the years, several people have asked if we would sell them the wild rice burgers. A couple years ago, we decided to explore opening a small business selling the wild rice burgers. The company is family owned by Georgia and her niece Kelly and the name is a combination of Kelly and G for Georgia.

The wild rice burgers are made on the Iron Range in Bovey, Minnesota. We are proud to bring a small business to an area that has been economically depressed. Community is important to us and we held our first taste test at Mt. Olive Church in Bovey, MN.


The wild rice burgers are vegetarian and gluten free. Wild rice is naturally organic, a good source of fiber, has 25% more protein than long grain brown rice and 30% fewer carbohydrates.   The wild rice burgers are made with quality products which include wild rice from northern Minnesota, eggs, cheese, flour, and spices. They can be served similar to a hamburger, cut in pieces and served as an appetizer with a favorite dip, or with breakfast eggs in place of sausage. We look forward to sharing our wild rice burgers with you.

Try them, they will surprise you!!